Best Air Compressor Accessories

These add-ons for your new air compressor are perfect for all kinds of cleaning. With these accessories, you’ll have the ability to shoot a stream of compressed air accurately to help with a variety of tasks. If you work in an industrial site, the nozzles can effectively blow powder and dust off of your work station. It can also help you banish dust bunnies from hard-to-reach corners.

The set comes with three different nozzles, all sized for different applications. The base of all three nozzles is the blow gun, which is made of steel and copper screw accessories. The gun has an adjustable air flow nozzle, which can be interchanged with two longer nozzles.

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◘ Powerful air flow,new design inner supercharging construction and tapered air flow nozzle for high volume powerful blow-off.
◘ All metal construction, high pressure resistance copper alloy accessories (valve screw,nozzle,quick coupling),anti-break silver chromed zinc alloy gun body ,improved designed sealing components,all these make a reliable and durable industrial air blow gun.
◘ Adjustable Air Flow Nozzle allow you to control air flow as required,2 other steel&copper air flow extension with protective tip,easy to reach tight areas and make sure the safety of delicate or sensitive areas.