Best Driver for Seniors/Slow Swing

If you are a senior golfer, or have a slower swing, you may want to consider the Majek High Launch Golf K Series for your next Driver. This driver currently retails for $229.95 on Amazon and features a 4.5 star rating across 12 reviews.

Majek golf clubs were co-designed by UCLA engineers to create more forgiving clubs that help improve swing speed, accuracy, and distance. This means that the clubs are designed to address many of the problems faced by golfers of all skill levels. Although the clubs are a great addition to the pro and amateur golf arsenal, the clubs were designed with beginners, high handicappers, seniors, and women in mind.

The K-Series High Launch Driver is designed  for senior golfers who want to get maximum ball flight off the tee without having to use all their strength. As muscle strength and flexibility begin to decline with age, there will be less power with every hit on the ball and slower swing speed. Scores and performance will decline if senior golfers do not adjust their equipment accordingly.

Senior golfers should replace their old driver with the Majek K-series, as it is designed for high launch and promotes forgiveness and accuracy. The clubs have a senior flex velocity graphite shaft which makes them very light and easy to handle. Coupled with the black pro velvet grip, the clubs are easy to grasp and will not slip.

The clubs have an extra-thin face which promotes a trampoline effect when it hits the golf ball to enable maximum smash factor. This increases ball speed significantly and each club has a lower center of gravity so the senior golfer can hit the ball higher with more backspin, resulting in a better trajectory and greater distances.

RR Rating:
# of Reviews: 10+
◘ Men's Standard Length / 45 1/2 inches
◘ Free Driver Headcover with every order
◘ Right Handed / 10.5° Loft / 460cc Size (Maximum USGA Legal Size)
◘ Premium Senior Size Black Velvet Grip
◘ Premium Lightweight Graphite Shaft - Senior Flex