Best Electric Guitar for Country

While this is a guitar for a slightly larger budget, it’s worth it for those who plan to get lots of use out of their instrument. The sound is rich and balanced, thanks to the five magnetic pole pieces. The 2-pit synchronized tremolo allows for reliable tuning stability with minimal friction. The sound of the bridge pickup can get you that country twinge you might be looking for.

The classic stratocaster

This is the classic stratocaster electric guitar model with its alder body wood and “Modern C” shaped maple neck. You can consider the stratocasters as the gold standard of electric guitars.

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# of Reviews: 390+
◘ 9. 5"-Radius Fingerboard
◘ 2-Point tremolo Bridge with bent-steel saddles
◘ Alder Body with gloss finish
◘ Three player Series single-coil Stratocaster pickups
◘ Modern C"-Shaped neck profile