Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands and Kids

This one is for the parents looking for a gift for their guitar playing enthusiast children. This is the best ¾ electric guitar for kids, with no need for them to uncomfortably learn to play on a full-size model. It comes with all the additional accessories, from an amp to a carrying case and pics. The 5-watt amp clips right onto the guitar to magnify the music.

High-quality sound

Not only is this guitar easy for kids to learn on, but due to its single coil pickup it sounds great too. Even though it’s smaller, it plays just like a regular-size electric guitar.

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# of Reviews: 2000+
◘ PERFECT SIZE FOR KIDS: No need to wait until their arms grow to reach those low notes, with a guitar their size, kids can learn to play from an early age and switch to a full-sized model once they've grown in size and skill
◘ SINGLE COIL PICKUP: Designed with pickup that converts vibrations to a rich, electric rock tone for hours of jam sessions
◘ HIGH-QUALITY: This guitar is designed to look and play just like a standard-sized one, with an all-wood build and shiny finish for long-lasting use