Best Electric Guitar Pickups

In a set of three pieces, each pickup attaches to a specific location on the guitar matching the width between strings for maximum tonal effects. The neck pickup, middle pickup, and bridge pickup each have ideal resistance. These higher output pickups counterbalance the lost treble by higher resistance.

Reduce unwanted noise

The pickups are wax potted to eliminate any unwanted noise while you play.

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◘ These are a single coil design machine winding and calibrated with the magnetic field to produce double the output inductance of regular single coils with each set of pickups having its own unique flavour. This special winding also has the added advantage of keeping the Ohms roughly the same as a vintage wound single coil.
◘ Each pickup is designed for a specific location to match up with the increasing width between strings and produces the ideal power for that tonal position.
◘ The mid position pickup is reverse wound and opposed magentic polarity to ensure true hum cancelling properties in switch positions 2 and 4. All pickups are wax potted to reduce unwanted noise