Best Electric Guitar Strings for Rock and Metal

Musicians who play the heavier genres like rock and metal will love these strings. All the wires come from the USA. We love that each string undergoes handcrafting at the Stringjoy shop in Nashville.

Smooth, even performance

The mathematical optimization of these strings makes for even performance across the fretboard. The medium gauge and nickel wound string creates a sturdier sound. From the first note to the final bar, you’ll hit the sweet spot of sound with these strings.

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◘ WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCT! We stand behind every set of strings we make. You can buy today with confidence, because if anything ever goes wrong, we’ve got your back. No ifs, ands or buts.
◘ STRINGS WON’T STAY IN TUNE? Look no further. We’re obsessed with quality control – every string we make is inspected by 3 different people so that we can guarantee your strings will resonate, intonate, and stay in tune.
◘ THE SMOOTHEST STRINGS YOU’LL EVER PLAY! How’s that? Science, that’s how. Every Stringjoy electric guitar string set is mathematically optimized to balance tension, and give you a smooth, even performance across the entire fretboard.
◘ INCONSISTENT TONE? Yuck. We’ve got you covered there too. Our strings have a full, warm sound that’s quick to hit the sweet spot, and stays there for longer – so every time you pick up your guitar, it’ll sound the way you want it to.