Best for Distance

Looking to increase the distance on your drives and long putts? Look no further than the Wilson Profile Distance Golf Ball. These golf balls currently retail on Amazon for $26.10 and are available for free 2-day shipping for Prime customers. At that price, you receive 36 high-quality 2 piece golf balls that are ready for your next golf game.

The high-energy core of the Wilson golf ball enables a long-distance flight, perfect for someone looking to improve their drive distance. These golf balls feature a low compression technology which gives them a soft feel. Also enjoy tour accuracy, with a specially designed inn cover that creates less ball spin and, again, maximizes distance.

You can be confident when you purchase this set of golf balls from Wilson, as they have been designing, manufacturing and distributing premium and recreational golf equipment worldwide for over 100 years. Since 1914, their golf club, the Wilson Staff iron, has won over 62 major championships. It goes without saying that the innovators at Wilson know what they are doing when it comes to golfing equipment, so you can rest easy knowing that your golf balls will follow suit.

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◘ Spin reduction: spin reducing dimple pattern technology reduces hooks and slices
◘ High energy core enables long distance flight
◘ Low compression technology for a soft feel
◘ Tour accuracy: specially designed inner cover creates less ball spin and maximizes distance