Best for DVT and Blood Clot Prevention

The double-stitched seams in these socks make them extra tight and durable. The arch to calf technology initiates immediate shock absorption for DVT prevention. This means that in only moments, the socks reduce pain in the leg. They are a great choice for those who are more prone to blood clots and other inflammatory difficulties. Even withstanding their tightness, people say they can hardly tell they’re wearing them due to their lightweight material.

Rinse and repeat

While a pack only comes with one pair, they wash well and without losing their compression. The Lycra fabric of the socks enhances durability.

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◘ BECAUSE PUSHING YOURSELF THAT EXTRA MILE MATTERS! Get your legs properly geared up for work, play, and everything in between! Great for day and night use, and perfect for those who are on their feet most of the time. With our socks, the compression and support are perfectly located on the heel foot calves so the toe area wont squeeze your toe joints. Provides instant comfort support, with moisture wicking properties that rapidly air dry in a few hours.
◘ Compression: 20-30 mmhg
◘ 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex
◘ STYLE AND CONFIDENCE ON YOUR LEGS Finally! A Durable Compression Sock designed to last, without compromising quality or Comfort. Double stitched Fabric your legs will thank you. Feel the immediate Comfort and remarkable design of your new Stamina Long Sock Tights. The Perfect Work, Cycling, or Ski Socks. Quality stitched & Easy to get on even though they are a compression sock! They Wash well without losing compression keeping all the Excellent vascular toning benefits.