Best for High-handicap

If you have a high handicap, you should look into optimizing your golfing equipment in order to reduce it as your skill increases. For the perfect golf balls for a player with a high handicap, look no further than the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls. These golf balls currently come in a variety of colors including matte red (pictured), matte green, matte orange, white, pink and yellow. Each of the different color ways retails for a different amount on, but they stay within a $23 – $39 range for 12 golf balls, making them a great value.

You are sure to love these golf balls, especially since they boast a 4.8 star rating across 16,000+ reviews. The Callaway Supersoft helps golfers achieve their best round yet, as it is a long, straight distance ball that is incredibly soft. The ultra low compression of these balls promotes not only a fast ball speed but also increased accuracy.

High handicappers should look to decrease the drag with their golf ball choice. The Callway Supersoft uses low drag HEX aerodynamic technology that is optimized to reduce drag and enhance golf ball lift so that your balls carry longer and farther than ever before.

Finally, the Callaway Supersoft features a softer trigonometry cover formulation that boasts a low compression and helps to enhance feel and increase green-side control. For super low spin and low drag, this golf ball is sure to come in handy.

RR Rating:
# of Reviews: 16300+
◘ A new softer Trigonometry cover formulation has a low compression for enhanced feel and increased greenside control
◘ The Callaway Superset is a long, straight distance ball that’s incredibly soft
◘ An ultra low compression core promotes fast ball speed and increased accuracy
◘ New Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics are optimized to reduce drag and enhance lift for longer carry and longer distance