Best Golf Simulator Impact Screen

Best Golf Simulator Screen

One of the most important component of your indoor golf simulator is the impact display projector screen. The best balance of price and quality comes in this 118’’X79’’ screen you can find on This high quality screen can withstand the impact of golf balls traveling over 100 mph, ensuring lasting durability for all of your simulation playing needs.


The screen is created out of a weft yarn material designed to take the full impact of a real golf ball and retails on Amazon for $125.99. You also have the option to finance the screen for only $21/month for 6 months, making this addition to your golf simulator set up incredibly affordable. You can be rest assured that the screen you receive is 100% brand new and high quality.

The surface is tight and smooth, allowing for a crisper and clearer image than many other impact screens. There are also holes around the edge of the screen to hang it by, making for quick and easy screen installation. Enjoy fun for the whole family when you create your DIY golf simulator machine with this impact display screen.

Whether you choose to buy a ready to install golf simulator package or if you choose to put together your own flexible simulator system with a variety of curated products, there is no doubt that your golf game will improve, and you will have the ability to make many new memories with family and friends for years to come.

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◘ Enjoy big fun and realistic play golf with golf impact screen
◘ 9.8*6.6ft Golf Ball Simulator Impact Display Projection Screen
◘ We use weft yarn material specifically designed to take the full impact of a real golf ball
◘ It has a very tight and smooth surface unlike other impact screens which allows for a more crisp and clear image