Best Golf Tees for Beginners

For beginner golfers looking to get the most value out of their tees, look no further than the Wedge Guys Professional Bamboo Golf Tee. Praised as one of the best options on the market, these tees are more durable than wooden tees and are manufactured using a highly renewable resource, saving costs and the environment. Durability is important for beginner golfers since you may be breaking many tees while you train if you stick to traditional wooden tees.

As a beginner, you should always choose the option to use a tee when it is presented to you. Even though professional golfers might opt to hit from the turf, teeing up the ball will improve your chances of having a consistent shot since air will always offer less resistance. Since you will be using many tees, often, Bamboo tees are a great low-cost and high-durability option.

Bamboo tees are also easier on your more costly equipment. Their gentle, yet strong and water-resistant material is less likely to mark up your club face or jam mower blades. These tees are the perfect balance of functionality and durability.

One package contains 250 biodegradable tees, perfect for beginner golfers looking to save money and the environment. The Wedge Guys also offer an 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee with every purchase, so you can buy with full confidence that your new tees will exceed your expectations.

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◘ The 2-3/4 Inch high Professional Bamboo Golf Tees by WedgeGuys are engineered from specific species of bamboo to ensure a stronger, longer lasting and more capable golf tee.
◘ Wedge Guys Bamboo Tees are stronger than wood tees and are biodegradable ensuring your favorite golf course and equipment stays in tip-top shape.
◘ The Bamboo Golfing Tees feature a specific tensile strength that rivals steel and a natural wood color Lacquer finish for a smoother shot that won’t mark up your club face. Now comes with a FREE poker chip ball marker!