Best Headlamp for Running

These ultra-illuminating headlamps by GOFORWILD are built with five lighting modes and a 45 degree rotation to give you superior vision in the dark. Along with a high and low light, you have a red light for less harshness and an SOS/emergency or strobe light to signal for help if needed while out at night. Their lightweight 3.5 ounce design and ergonomic elastic headband keep you comfortable, making them an ideal choice for running. Simply wave your hand in front of it to activate the convenient motion sensor and you’re ready for every adventure.

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# of Reviews: 5400+
◘ ULTRA BRIGHT- Class-leading illumination with our 500 lumens Cree LED, providing five lighting modes. Intense white and red lights encompassed in a 45° rotating enclosure ensures clear vision in the dark. The inbuilt SOS and strobe modes are designed for safety.
◘ MOTION SENSOR- Operate the headlamp by simply waving your hand under the motion sensor mode to turn it on or off. Designed with convenience in mind to avoid accidental eye contact with another person.
◘ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE- Suitable for running with a weight under 3.5oz and an adjustable ergonomically designed elastic headband, resulting in a secure yet comfortable fit for long-wearing sessions.