Best Headsets for Musicians and Bands

These OneOdio headphones give you powerful bass, clear vocals, and crisp tones from a stereo sound for the ultimate musical experience. The softly padded ear cushions are designed for all-day comfort and noise isolation, they adjust to the perfect angle to fit your head, and they allow for 90° swiveling for single-ear monitoring at any time. Plus, you can detach either ear cup and attach any mixer you want to use. It comes with both a 3.5mm and 6.35mm audio jack for high versatility so you can enjoy these headphones with every stereo.

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◘ SINGLE-SIDE MONITORING: 90° swiveling ear cups for single-ear monitoring anytime; self-adjustable and flexible headband delivers a fatigue-free listening experience that can last for hours, ideal for mastering and mixing
◘ Works with: All devices have 3.5mm or 6.35mm audio jack. Bass sound, durability, and comfort. These are the headphones you've been looking for
◘ BASS SOUND: Enjoy clear sound and comfort with the OneOdio Studio monitor headphones. Large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers combined with neodymium magnets; powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo sound
◘ BUILT TO STAY COMFORTABLE: The soft padded ear cushions are designed for monitor headphones comfort and noise isolation. The headband is adjustable and stretchable for you to find the desired angle you like to fit in
◘ NO MORE ADAPTER: DJ style coiled cord (9.8Ft Stretched) easily reaches from the TV or stereo to your chair. A standard-sized 6.35mm plug and a 3.5mm plug are included. They both are completely detachable, you can plug in the mixer you want to use