Best Insoles for Foot Pain

Nurses, restaurant employees, grocery clerks, plant operators, and anyone else who spends the majority of the day on their feet — rejoice! These insoles are specifically designed with you in mind. Shock Guard Technology plus stimulating nodules reduce impact with every step, which can be a huge pain reliever. The full length cushioning helps to evenly distribute your weight and relieve over-stressed areas.

The cushioned insert will provide immediate relief, as well as all-day support to keep you feeling your best, no matter what the day brings. They’re designed to fit many types of shoes, from casual sneakers to work boots.

And when it comes to reliability, Dr. Scholl’s is a tried and true brand that’s been around for over 100 years. We especially love the money-back guarantee, which ensures your risk-free satisfaction.

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◘ Fits Casual shoes, Sneakers & Work boots/shoes. Trim to fit in any shoe
◘ Designed for people who have painful sore feet from being on them all day
◘ Shock Guard Technology Plus Stimulating Nodules immediately helps to relieve pain-inducing shock at its source and reduces impact with every step
◘ Provides immediate and all-day relief