Best King Mattress

With over a million mattresses sold, 95% of Tuft & Needle customers end up loving and keeping their mattress. It’s a great option for all styles of sleepers thanks to premium support and pressure relief from a proprietary adaptive foam. The Original King Mattress also has a budget-friendly price, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year guarantee, so you don’t have to worry when giving it a try.

Support & Pressure Relief

The T&N Adaptive foam is ideal for sleepers of any size or weight. The high-density extra foam layer supports you and adjusts as you move, keeping your body aligned while you sleep. The quick-response foam bounces back and holds up well over time without forming impressions.

Cooling Properties

Hot sleepers will enjoy the open-cell design of the Adaptive foam. It’s infused with graphite and cooling gel beads, helping to channel heat away from you while you sleep. The mattress also comes with a breathable cover that’s ultra-soft and durable as an added layer of protection.


The T&N mattress is designed to be compatible with most bed frames and foundations such as traditional frames, box springs, platform frames, and adjustable frames.

Easy Setup

Purchasing the T&N is easier than ever. The mattresses are compressed and ship to your door in a box. To set it up, simply open the box, unroll it, set it on your frame. Once you open the packaging, give the mattress up to 72 hours to fully expand and for any odors to dissipate.

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# of Reviews: 14000+
◘ Proprietary foam: Our T&N Adaptive foam is engineered based on customer feedback and provides pressure relief where you need it most. An open-cell structure provides a flexible sleep surface that adjusts to you as you move throughout the night
◘ Cool sleeping: Our foam is more advanced than outdated materials such as latex and memory foam, the T&N Adaptive foam helps pull away heat with cooling graphite and gel beads, wrapped in our breathable plush cover to help keep you cool and comfortable
◘ 35% Micro-polyamide / 65% Polyester
◘ Made in USA
◘ Proven: Over a million people choose us every night. In fact, 95% of our customers keep and love their T&N Original Mattress, Featuring our own proprietary T&N Adaptive foam, the Original Mattress is universally comfortable for all sleeping positions