Best Kitchen Towels for Embroidery

These are the best kitchen drying towels. With a tight weave and a remarkably soft texture, these towels (in a set of 13) are ultra-absorbent. They dry twice as much in half the time it takes other towels. One of our favorite things about the towels is the hemming on all four sides. Great hemming means you won’t be stuck with any annoying loose threads.

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◘ REINFORCED & ULTRA-ABSORBENT - Our flour sacks are hemmed on all four sides--no unruly threads from edge to edge. It offers over 5 square feet of thirsty towel space to dry numerous kitchenware.
◘ BUILT FOR THE KITCHEN & CRAFTS - These towels can be used to clean glass windows and cars, as well as blank material for your art, vinyl printing, decals, monogram, crafting, and dye projects.
◘ 100% Pure All-natural Ring-spun Cotton
◘ POWERHOUSE DISH CLOTH - Each dish towel is woven using a state-of-the-art Air Jet Loom, which lets us use better fabric with a tighter weave, satisfying heft, softer texture, and brighter finish.
◘ NATURAL & SUSTAINABLE - These 100% all-natural ring spun cotton towels present unbeatable value in reusability. The towels are made for wiping and toweling just about everything in your kitchen.