Best Lip Balm for Shine

While it does sit on the pricier end on our list of favorites, it’s well worth it if you put serious emphasis on your lips. Beloved by lip enthusiasts in Japan where it’s made, the product has finally hit the US market. The range of colors satisfies the desires of all types of balm wearers,  from the pink for a light sheen to the orange for a dramatic statement.  For an added bonus, the gloss is SPF 20.

Innovative ingredients

The lactic acid and prebiotic properties of this product’s ingredients not only add an undeniable shine to the lips but it keeps them hydrated even when not worn.

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# of Reviews: 30+
◘ Lactic acid bacteria" La Flora" formulation lip treatment / Also as lip gloss ! / Moisturizing keep / SPF20 / PA ++ / Paraben free / Talc free / Unscented / Hypoallergenic / Allergy tested / Patch tested / Made in Japan