Best Lip Balm with Tint

Cult beauty brand Glossier presents you with one of their staples in the form of this lip balm. The lip balm is super hydrating, with ingredients containing a range of antioxidants, beeswax, and lanolin. That means it’s pretty much a cocktail of all the best lip balm ingredients. People even claim to use it on their chapped nose and elbows due to its super moisturizing qualities.


The highlight of this product for us is the eight shades to choose between for an extra colored effect. From clear to sheer to red and deep berry, there is s shade for every type of lip. There are also a variety of flavors. Many enthusiasts of this product say the mint is delicious.

RR Rating:
# of Reviews: 180+
◘ Age Range (Description) Adult
◘ Scent Rose
◘ Item Form Balm
◘ Brand Glossier
◘ Skin Type All