Best Lip Care with SPF

Acai has become a buzzword of all buzzwords for health and beauty enthusiasts. It only seemed natural to include the best lip care product that uses the antioxidant rich ingredient. While it comes in a tube, unlike other similar products, the balm is not sticky nor does it layer your lips in a whitish film when applied.

SPF protection

Last but not least, the balm is SPF 30 and will protect one of the most sun sensitive parts of your skin on hot days, making it a must-have for your carry on bag. For the sporty types, we have even better news. The formula is water and sweat resistant so apply it 15 minutes before heading out on the beach or slopes and you’re good to go.

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◘ BrandSupergoop!
◘ IngredientsShea butter
◘ FlavorAcai