Best Mobile Golf Simulator

Best Golf Simulator under $1,000

For golfers who aren’t interested in purchasing an entire golf simulator system, but are still looking to get in some practice swings from the comfort of their own home, the Phigolf Mobile Smart Golf Game Simulator is the answer. The list price is $249.99 on, much cheaper than most golf simulators currently on the market. Leveraging the existing WGT app interface, you will receive an expert swing trainer that provides every skill level with hours of fun.


You have the option to use either your own golf clubs or the 2’ swing stick provided to get insights into how your swing can be improved as you play through some of the world’s most famous courses on the WGT app. Compatible with iOS or Android devices, you will need a smartphone or tablet that can then be paired with a smart tv with screen-sharing capabilities.


One charge can last your swing stick up to 6 hours or 3 round or more of play time. With the option to play left or right handed, this tool is sure to provide the whole family with hours of entertainment.

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