Best Mouthwash for Cavities

If you’re prone to cavities, know you eat lots of sweet stuff, or just want to ensure you’re cavity free for many more years, then an AntiCavity mouthwash is the key. The ACT AntiCavity mouthwash is an alcohol-free mouthwash (those with dry mouth rejoice!) made with fluoride, designed to help prevent cavities, strengthen your teeth and freshen breath.

The fluoride formula helps to prevent tooth decay by fighting the plaque that creates the holes, essentially preventing cavities long before they have the chance to form. Plus, it’s available in three flavors – Arctic Blast, Iced Berry and Iced Sweet Mint – so that the whole family, even kids once they’re older than six, can enjoy using mouthwash daily!

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# of Reviews: 4160+
◘ The package dimension of the product is 4.9cmL x 16.1cmW x 23.6cmH
◘ Maximum fluoride levels help prevent cavities
◘ Strengthens tooth enamel
◘ #1 Dentist recommended fluoride Brand.