Best Mouthwash for Sensitivity

When it comes to sensitivity, you need a mouthwash specifically designed and catered to strengthen and relieve the pain associated with sensitive teeth. Fluoride dental mouthwash, like Sensodyne’s Cool Mint Mouthwash, helps to remineralise your tooth enamel, strengthen teeth, prevent cavities and in turn, relieve tooth sensitivity over time.

Sensodyne’s made-for-sensitive-teeth mouthwash offers long-lasting sensitivity protection. It uses potassium nitrate to anesthetize the nerves within your teeth to reduce pain, and sodium fluoride to help strengthen the teeth to prevent future sensitivity. Plus, the mint flavor leaves your breath feeling fresh and your mouth feeling clean, masking any bad breath on a daily basis.

If sensitivity is what you need your mouthwash to help you with, Sensodyne is the best option, and there are more than 1300 positive reviews to prove it!

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# of Reviews: 1390+
◘ 500ml mouthwash.
◘ Cool Mint Mouthwash.
◘ Protection for sensitive teeth.
◘ Fresh breath and clean mouth.