Best Overall Golf Tees

It’s at this point you may be asking, ‘What are the best golf tees?’ In our opinion, the Pride Performance PTS (Professional Tee System) represents the best of the best. With five stars spanning 1,750 reviews on Amazon, many other golfers seem to agree.

These tees come in 5 different lengths organized by a proprietary color-coding system, taking the guesswork out of choosing which tee to use with each club. When you are able to easily choose the correct tee for every shot, it can help your performance by keeping your strokes consistent from hole to hole.

With the variety in lengths, you don’t have to worry about scrounging for another golfer’s abandoned short tee on a par three tee box.The Pride Performance PTS tees are engineered with special low-resistance heads that reduce the friction between the golf ball and tee, allowing you to make cleaner contact with every swing. It’s the small engineering details of these tees that add up to make a truly great golfing experience for those who use them.

They are available in a durable plastic material or standard hardwood and also utilize a four-prong tip to give the golf ball a steady platform. The only thing you have to do is remember to pick up your tee after you take your shot and one package of 30 tees can last you dozens of rounds.

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# of Reviews: 1880+
◘ Low-Resistance Tip for Less Friction
◘ Plastic Material to Last Longer
◘ Enviro-Friendly