Best Overall Microwave

This Toshiba model offers a smart sensor to take the guesswork out of cooking and an easy-to-read menu full of pre-programmed buttons for heating popular foods like pizza, potatoes, vegetables, and more. It also includes a one-touch popcorn button and a ‘soften’ feature to easily melt or soften foods like butter, chocolate, and cheese. Defrosting is made easy with a 1-pound auto defrost, or set your own custom defrost by inputting the weight of your and the microwave will do the rest. Want to save on power? Turn on ECO mode and minimize its standby power and energy consumption.

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# of Reviews: 26700+
◘ Equipped with power-saving Eco mode, sound on/off option and child safety lock
◘ 1100 watts with 10 power settings, clock, and kitchen timer
◘ Stylish Stainless Steel with easy-to-clean interior, with external dimension(wdh): 20.5 x 17.1 x 12.8 inches, with internal dimension (wdh): 13.07 x 15 x 9.5 inches
◘ Pre-programmed sensor menu for optimum heating of popular foods like pizza, potato, vegetables and more
◘ One touch popcorn button and two defrost settings – custom defrost and 1 pounds auto defrost