Best Radiant Floor Thermostat

The SunTouch smart thermostat is an easy way to control the floor temperature in your home with an intuitive 7-day schedule to suit your needs. The SmartStart technology automatically adjusts the start time of the floor warming system to ensure it’s reached the set temperature at your scheduled time. Installation is easy with comprehensive help screens and a setup wizard, plus a thin profile touch display with multiple themes to choose from to match any home interior.

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◘ Dual Voltage 120/240V with built-in GFCI for safety and energy use monitoring
◘ Thin profile brilliant 3.5 inch touch display with multiple color themes to choose from
◘ Easy and reliable way to control your floor heating system(s) up to 15A
◘ Intuitive 7-day schedule makes it simple to program floor heating times to suit your lifestyle