Best Running Shoes for Supination

Supination and pronation are terms typically used to describe the orientation of your hand or foot. When it comes to your feet, it usually refers to how your weight is distributed while you walk or run. Supination means that when you walk or run, your body channels your weight toward the outside of your foot, and so your ankle and foot tend to lean outward.

Those who have supinated feet will feel discomfort on the outer side of their feet when you walk or run, and can have strained ankles. Supination can also lead to a number of other medical conditions or concerns, like shin splints, calluses or bunions on the outside of your foot, and pain in both the balls of your feet and your heels. Your shoes will also show uneven wear on the outside part of the sole.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a running shoe that will support your feet, ankles and heels as you run. That’s why people with supination love the Saucony Cohesion 10. With moderate cushioning and high support for your ankles and heels, this running shoe is perfect for those who tend to supinate.

While over-supinators should visit a doctor to get recommendations for their best fit, this is the perfect shoe for those who need a little extra support for your supination.

With 15 different color options, and sizes ranging from 6.5 to 12, in both half and full sizes as well Regular and Wide options, there’s an option for everyone.

RR Rating:
# of Reviews: 7300+
◘ Color options: 15 color options
◘ Highlights: diverse sizing, supportive
◘ Who it’s best for: runners with supination
◘ Available sizes: Full and half sizes ranging from 6.5 to 12, in both regular and wide