Best RV/Van Refrigerator

At first glance, this refrigerator/freezer combination seems to better fit the description of a cooler — It’s tiny, but powerful. For reference, it can fit about 58 standard cans of soda.

This nifty fridge has both a refrigerator and a freezer section, so you can store anything for later — ice cream, meat, beverages, seafood, and more. It’s perfect for nomads who live that van life, or those looking for something better than a cooler to take along on outings.

You can plug this refrigerator into a car, home, or small solar system outlet. If you decide to take it on the road, it’s got a three-level battery protection mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about the refrigerator draining your car’s battery. It’s also silent, which is a huge plus for those who camp or live a mobile lifestyle.

If it sounds like an energy waster, think again: This portable fridge consumes less than a GPS navigator, just 1 kWh per day. When empty, it can cool down from 77℉ to 32℉ within just 15 minutes. But you can also choose ECO mode if you want to save energy and aren’t in a rush.

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# of Reviews: 350+
◘ The sound during operation is about 45 dB, which is lower than normal chat volume, will not affect your driving and rest. When tilted at 30°, the 42-quart camper refrigerator can still work normally and can work normally even on the bumpy road.
◘ JoyTutus 12V car refrigerator freezer for the road trip is composed of a 30L freezing zone and a 10L refrigerated zone. (30L Freezing area-12.6""(L)x 10.6""(W) x 12""(H), 10L Refrigerated area--4.9""(L)x 10.6""(W) x 5.6""(H)) . Able to hold a great amount of food to meet the needs of outdoor travel/camping. JoyTutus Portable Car Refrigerator, such as Built-in light, retractable handles, removable basket and more convenient designs will surprise you.
◘ You could choose ECO mode for energy-saving or MAX mode for fast cooling. The portable fridge freezer is with low energy consumption, consumes less than 1 kWh per day, which is less than a car navigator. JoyTutus 12 volt refrigerator for the car can cool down to -4℉, able to store ice cream, make ice cubes, etc.
◘ With H/M/L battery protection mechanism, the RV freezer cooler could protect your vehicle battery from running out. With temperature memory function, there is no need to re-set in the next time.