Best Shampoo for Dry Hair

This LAPCOS shampoo is made with 14 quality ingredients such as biotin, hydrolyzed collagen, salicylic acid, and zinc that are proven to improve overall hair health. The cleansing and moisturizing formula is also silicone and paraben free to remove build up without stripping your hair of its natural oils. These properties start at the scalp to fortify each strand and lock in moisture, leaving behind strong, shiny, and voluminous locks.

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◘ The Problem of Hair Loss: Women make up 40% of women who report thinner hair and baldness. This can be caused by stress, diet changes, hormonal changes from birth control, pregnancy and childbirth. Proactive care will help prevention and encourage thick, healthy hair.
◘ Patented Ingredients & Natural Scent : Feels and smells like a luxurious salon-worthy treatment. Our miracle mineral blend and pearl vinegar are patented innovations in haircare. Uplifting clean herb scent invigorates with Oregano, Spearmint and and Lemon Balm.
◘ Combat Hair Loss : Clinically proven to provide ultra-nourishing scalp care and nurture strong, thick, shiny and voluminous locks. Contains 14 active ingredients proven to prevent hair loss and improve scalp and hair loss
◘ 14 Active Ingredients : Premium natural ingredients deep clean and ensure long term hair health. Biotin helps balance scalp and promotes hair growth. Salicylic Acid defends against dandruff and sebrrheic dermatitis. Zinc and Panthenol reduce greasiness and seals in moisture.
◘ Mild, Gentle Formula : pH-balanced treatment gently cleanses and provides essential nutrition to the scalp and hair. Soothing and refreshing creamy foam texture and cooling menthol sensation calms irritation and controls oil secretion