Best Toothbrush for Kids

Spinfast technology

The Kid’s Spinbrush features stationary lower bristles as well as an oscillating head that works to clean in between teeth. Plus, it now spins 20% faster for an even cleaner experience.


When you’re teaching a kid healthy brushing habits, the last thing you want is a barrier that makes it tougher, like a dead battery. This toothbrush is powered by one AA battery, so your child never has to remember to charge it.

Designed for kids

The Kid’s Spinbrush is designed with tiny hands and mouths in mind. The soft-bristle power head is kid-sized and gentle, ensuring a clean and comfortable brushing experience. Plus, the power buttons are covered in a soft rubber that prevents water from leaking inside the brush.

Fun characters

Super Mario-themed characters on the front of the toothbrush make brushing exciting for kids. For a kid that isn’t the most eager to get in the routine, any excitement you can associate with the routine helps.

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# of Reviews: 7800+
◘ LASTS LONGER – new Kids Spinbrush design lasts more than 2x longer than former Kids Spinbrush
◘ CHARACTERS MAY VARY – brushes feature Mario and Yoshi
◘ NEW & IMPROVED SPINFAST TECHNOLOGY – new design spins nearly 20% faster than former Kids Spinbrush
◘ SOFTSWITCH – new power buttons are easy to turn on and prevent water from leaking inside brush