Best Toothbrush for Sensitivity

Interactive experience

The Oral-B iO Series 9 offers one of the most personal experiences you could expect from a toothbrush. The interactive color display clearly communicates which mode you’re using, battery level, and the 2-minute brushing timer. The screen also displays cute messages based on the time of day, a nice touch.

There’s also a smart pressure sensor at the base of the brush head, which glows red when you’re pressing too hard and green when you’re doing alright. With this brush, you’re never left guessing.

Lastly, you can connect the brush to a smartphone app that will give you data, like your total brush time, pressure, the percent of your mouth you covered, and whether or not you brushed your tongue. While this may seem a little overboard, it’s a fun way to turn a mundane task into a fun challenge.

Quick-charge station

The lock-in-place magnetic charger ensures a full battery in roughly three hours. That way, you can take it on the go, even for last-minute plans.

Dentist-inspired brush head

The round brush head is designed to clean expertly, combining gentle, twisted bristles with powerful micro-vibrations and an oscillating motion. This design ensures a deep, professional-feeling clean throughout every contour, while protecting your gums and enamel from over-brushing.

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◘ PERFECT PRESSURE: Signals red when brushing too hard and green when brushing just right
◘ LIVE COACHING with VISIBLE TIMER: A.I. tracks where you are brushing and guides you to 100% coverage so you don't miss any zone, while the visible timer ensures you brush for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes
◘ SENSATIONAL CLEAN: Redesigned dentist-inspired round brush head with twisted bristles reach every contour for a deep clean
◘ PERSONALIZED BRUSHING: Display screen helps motivate you and enables you to customize your brushing experience