Best Truck/SUV Windshield Wipers

Due to proven versatility, this is the windshield wiper option for the large vehicle drivers. The precision blade wipes away every bit of water. The universal adapters means the wipers are compatible with nearly all car makes.

Tested for over one million wipes

These windshield wipers have undergone tests, proving to last through rain, snow, wind, and hail.

RR Rating:
# of Reviews: 800+
◘ Aerodynamic Curved Beam Blade Design - Repels Dirt, Dust, and Other Debris
◘ Designed to Last Through All Weather Types - Rain, Snow, Wind, and Hail - Tested for Over 1 Million Wipes
◘ Caterpillar Clarity Replacement Wiper Blades - Keep Your Windshield Spotless and Streak-Free
◘ Silent Replacement Wiper Blades - Engineered to Maintain Maximum Surface Contact on Every Wipe - Better than OEM Quality