Best water bottle for hikers

Trek without water worries when you hike with the Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth, which holds up to one quart of liquid. Nalgene has been around for years, a staple in the world of reusable water bottles, and they’ve definitely learned a thing or two along the way about hydration, especially while exploring the great outdoors.

All Nalgene products are made in the USA, are BPA-free, leakproof, and dishwasher safe. So why the Tritan Narrow Mouth? As its name suggests, the narrow top part makes it easy to sip from, unlike some of Nalgene’s other bottles with wide lids that sometimes splash water all over your face when all you want is a quick sip.

We love the loophole lid that stays attached while you drink — you won’t have to worry about dropping that cap down the mountain (yes, it’s happened with other bottles, and no, it won’t happen with this bottle!).

While these bottles are often too wide to fit in a cup holder, you can easily toss them on a car seat or in your backpack and not worry about leaks or spills, assuming you’ve properly screwed on the lid. The smaller mouth does make these bottles a bit more difficult to clean (we recommend using a brush), but those with dishwashers can easily just toss them in the top rack.

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◘ Narrow mouth design for easy, splash free drinking
◘ Made in the USA. Packaged in a set of two.
◘ One of the best selling water bottle designs for over 20 years.
◘ BPA free! Dishwasher safe and guaranteed for life.
◘ Bottle is able to hold over 32oz of any drink hot or cold.