Best Work Boot Insoles

Lower back pain and foot & leg fatigue can result from the everyday pounding your feet take during daily activities. If you need supportive orthotic shoe inserts for long days when you stay on your feet, look no further than Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics. These currently retail on Amazon for $12.97 and boast a 4.4 star rating across 45,000+ reviews.

These Dr. Scholl’s orthotics reduce impact with every step to provide lower back pain relief all day, every day, especially for men over 200 lbs. The arch guard technology is reinforced with extra support to help reduce foot and leg fatigue. It does this by distributing weight and reducing impact for those who experience pain when standing on their feet.

These inserts also feature a deep heel cup for motion control. You simply trim along the outline that matches your shoe size if needed, insert the orthotics into your shoes with the fabric side up, and replace the insoles every 6 months or at the first signs of wear.

If you need help choosing the best work boot  insole for you, you can use the Dr. Scholl’s Insole Advisor which will help you choose from their categories of comfort & energy, pain relief, athletic series and stylish step to find your perfect fit.

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# of Reviews: 48097+
◘ Designed for men over 200 pounds who suffer from lower back pain and foot and leg fatigue from being on their feet
◘ Arch guard plus shock guard technology distributes weight and reduces impact
◘ Fits casual shoes, sneakers and work boots/shoes. Trim to fit in any shoe. How to use - Replace orthotics every (6) months or at the first signs of wear. Step 1 - If needed, trim along the outline (on the underside of the orthotic) that matches your shoe size. Step 2 - Insert orthotics into shoes with fabric side up